Studying design courses abroad offers a dynamic creative career. Graduates can explore roles as graphic designers, UX/UI designers, interior architects, fashion designers, and industrial designers. Design professionals are in demand across industries, from advertising and technology to fashion and architecture.

Abroad education provides exposure to diverse design philosophies, access to state-of-the-art studios, and collaborations with international students. With a global perspective and honed creative skills, design graduates find exciting opportunities to shape aesthetics, solve complex challenges, and innovate across various creative fields. 

Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor of Design (B.Des) in Product Design

Bachelor of Fashion Design

Bachelor of Interior Design

Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) in Graphic Design

Bachelor of Multimedia and Animation

Bachelor of Design (B.Des) in User Experience (UX) Design

Bachelor of Industrial Design

Master's Degree

Master of Design (M.Des) in Fashion Design

Master of Graphic Design

Master of Interior Design

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Visual Arts

Master of Multimedia and Animation

Master of Design (M.Des) in Interaction Design

Master of Industrial Design

UG and PG Diplomas

Diploma in Graphic Design

Diploma in Fashion Design

Diploma in Interior Design

Diploma in Web Design

Diploma in Animation and Multimedia

Diploma in Industrial Design

Diploma in Visual Communication Design

Postgraduate Diploma in Fashion Communication

Postgraduate Diploma in Graphic Design and Visual Communication

Postgraduate Diploma in Interior Design

Postgraduate Diploma in Animation and Visual Effects

Postgraduate Diploma in User Experience (UX) Design

Postgraduate Diploma in Film and Television Production

Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial Design

Frequently Asked

Popular design fields include graphic design, fashion design, interior design, industrial design, UX/UI design, animation, and more, catering to diverse creative interests.

Creative thinking, problem-solving, technical proficiency, communication, and conceptualising and executing design projects are crucial skills.

Many design programs require a portfolio showcasing your creative work, demonstrating your skills, aesthetic sense, and design thinking.

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